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  1. glowsteady says

    I have so much respect for you trying to learn a new language in your second language, that’s incredible! I’m totally with you on the zoo thing, I don’t really know how I feel either. So great for endangered animals but still so wrong in other ways. I’m glad your parents visiting made you a little less homesick, even if you were ill for their trip. Hope you’re feeling better now! x


    • eviejayne says

      It’s definitely a challenge but I’m going to try and stick with it! I couldn’t agree more, it’s a difficult one for me. I’m feeling a lot better now thanks Sophie! Thanks for reading ✨

  2. Audrey says

    Aw sorry to hear about your throat infection. I hope you’re better now! Sometimes it’s nice to have parents around when you’re sick so they can take care of you 😛 // Truffle and mushroom lasagna sounds AMAZING 😮 I’ve only ever had the normal ground beef lasagna haha. And the Biscotti looks amazing too!!!! You had me drooling on Instagram. // I haven’t visited a zoo in awhile, but I’ve heard some people suggest visiting animal sanctuaries instead! (I haven’t visited animal sanctuaries either) // omg are you gonna be visiting Japan? 😀 I’ve visited a few times and I still couldn’t order tea and cake in Japanese. I just point to pictures or they speak to me in English ? -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • eviejayne says

      I’m feeling much better now thanks! Haha exactly, luckily I started to feel better on Friday so it wasn’t too bad in the end. Ah so had I until last week! It was incredible, so cheesy too ? Oh I wish I was going to Japan, but I do plan on booking a trip there in a couple of years. I’ve never been but it’s an absolute dream of mine! Hahaha, no doubt my mind would go blank and I’d wind up doing the same ?

  3. Lucy says

    The food looks so delicious, especially the dessert! Its lovely that you had your parents come to visit, I know how bad homesickness can be, I suffer badly whenever I’m away from home. But you’re doing so well and studying abroad can’t always be easy. You go gal!

    Lucy | Forever September

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