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Welcome to my blog! I’m Evie and I’m currently studying Spanish and English at the University of Leeds.

Being a keen writer, starting a blog is something I’ve debated doing for years but I’ve never felt like I’ve had the ability to do it. However, with a four month long summer, I deemed it the perfect opportunity to create an online place to share my love for all things lifestyle, books, wellness and travel.

On this blog you’ll find plethora of posts from the recipes I’m loving to self-care and wellness, from book reviews to snippets of the minutiae of life. I don’t want to restrict myself to a niche, rather, I’m viewing this online space as a place where I can offload thoughts and document my everyday life.

September 2018 also marked my move to Madrid for my year abroad. You can keep up with my latest ventures and endeavors by reading my Madrid Diaries.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy my ramblings.

Evie. Xo

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