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  1. Briana Lee says

    That stationery is absolutely adorable! I love Yoga with Adriene, too. Just did a routine from her current Dedicate series. Hope you’re enjoying the True series 🙂

    briana |

  2. Kristina says

    Thoses stationnaries are so pretty !!
    being an insomniac and hearing how good yoga has brought you .. I should maybe start that too XD My godmother had a yoga positions’ book when I was younger, and I rescued it when she wanted to get rid of it ahah

  3. aimsysantics says

    I am so with you on buying new stationary! I never want to use them though because they are too pretty ? Haven’t tried yoga properly, but used to really like Pilates. I still dabble with Blogilates on youtube but haven’t been so good these last few weeks! Sounds like the yoga is working for you though!

    It may be a bit old, but I have been loving watching Luther from the beginning, oh and Silent Witness! Can you tell i’m a police / crime drama kinda girl? ?

    Loving seeing your Little Things posts!

    Aimsy xoxo

    • eviejayne says

      Haha I’m exactly the same, putting pen to paper is too much of a commitment haha. Oh I recently started watching Luther and I’m really enjoying it so far, you’re not alone! Thank you ✨

  4. Nancy says

    It is great that you’re taking part of the 30 day yoga challenge! I have so much respect for people who can do so many intense poses – it takes time to build up to it. It’s good that you’re sticking with it. I love your new stationery goodies. It is always nice to have some new materials to work with, hehe. Yum, your pancakes look delicious!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Nancy ♥

  5. Audrey says

    This past summer I gave 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene a try and got five days in before I was interrupted with travels and never got back to it. I’ve tried the same challenge some years ago without any success either. But despite that, I do like yoga; I’m just bad at holding myself to it. I’m also bad at holding myself to learn new languages. But I have no problem going to yoga class or going to a language class and doing the work. Anyways, seeing this has motivated me to give 30 Days of Yoga another try 😛 One way I’d REALLY like to exercise is to get back into swimming, as I used to swim competitively. I just need to find a pool in the city, which is harder than I thought it would be! I have one good prospect, but a winter storm just passed so I haven’t been out and about to scope it out. I will eventually though!!

    Those notebooks are beautiful!! All the way through middle school, I had a huge problem with stationary. I would buy a TON of it, but I’d hardly use any of it because they were all so beautiful that I couldn’t bear to muss them up! Once I realised that I wasn’t using all the stationary I was spending loads on, I forced myself to stop buying stationary, and now I only buy stationary if I know I’ll use it/if I have an immediate use in mind. Coincidentally, I just bought a new Moleskin journal off Amazon and it arrived in the mail yesterday! I bought it to use as my new planner. It’s weird– this is my first time buying a new planner for the new year! Usually, I only ever buy a new planner for the new academic year, but I just graduated last spring, so now I’m just going by the normal year!

    I haven’t watched Sex Education, but I binged Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, which I loved! As someone who loves organising, it was such a satisfying show to watch.

    When my roomie and I try to make pancakes, we never seem to be able to make a stack because we eat the pancakes as we go 😛 By the time you finish making your stack, is the pancake at the bottom still warm?? Your pancakes look delicious! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • eviejayne says

      I’m always more dedicated if I have a class to attend too haha, but so far I’ve managed to stick with yoga! Fingers crossed I keep it up. Haha I’m exactly the same, putting pen to paper is too much of a commitment, but I have a few ideas of what I can fill them with. Oh I’ve wanted to buy a Moleskin journal for a while! I’ve heard so much about that show, I also love to be super organised so think I’d like it haha. Thanks for reading! xx

  6. justnatonya says

    Hey Evie! New blog follower here! Ok I too have been getting into the indulgement of pancakes?, the other day I made apple cinnamon, yum! I heard Netflix Sex Education was so good! I haven’t checked it out because even tho I like the 80s aesthetic, I thought it was another teen drama. After reading your post, I will give it a try. How cool is it your taking a Japanese course!! I too want to invest more in journals, they leave me feeling 10x more organized with my lists?????

    Natonya |

    • eviejayne says

      Thanks for following! Apple cinnamon pancakes sound incredible, definitely going to be giving them ago soon! That’s what I assumed too, but it tackles so many significant issues in today’s society that it’s well worth the watch. Haha you can never have too many journals, thanks for reading! ✨

    • eviejayne says

      They taste incredible too, definitely making myself another snack over the weekend haha. Yes! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  7. Gemma says

    I did the Yoga with Adrienne challenge a while back myself. Her videos are excellent easy to follow and then I hurt my back and never got back into it 🙁
    Hopefully you have better luck!

  8. Macey Gloria says

    Yay!! I hope your parents have a lovely trip spent with you, and that you’re able to make the most of your time with them. I do think I want to try yoga this year–it wasn’t one of my original goals, but I think I’d like to try it alongside meditation. Being more mindful has been a goal of mine since last year, and I’d like to see if those two activities help me with that. New stationary is always good, and mmm those pancakes look AMAZING! xx

    • eviejayne says

      Thank you, can’t wait! I’ve only been doing it for a week but it’s already helping a lot with stress-management and my sleep! Being mindful is an incredible goal for the year, best of luck lovely x

  9. Chynna says

    I need to find an activity that I enjoy and gets me to exercise, as well. I’m glad the yoga is going well for you, keep it up!

    I’m a sucker for new stationary. Any excuse to buy new pens, pencils, rulers, stickers, notebooks, the whole shebang!

    I’m about to watch the last episode of Sex Education after I finish catching up on blogs! I am absolutely loving it – I love how diverse the topics they tackle are and I am absolutely in love with Gillian Anderson. How is she so gorgeous?! The American high school aesthetic tripped me out at first, but it’s grown on me now.

    Those pancakes absolutely delicious!

    Chynna |

    • eviejayne says

      Thank you! Yoga is definitely slower-paced, but great mindfulness practice. It was amazing right? I can’t wait for season 2! Thanks for reading x

  10. Casey street says

    Angel your blog is beautiful! I’m definitely going to have a go at this challenge, hopefully I’ll feel more confident in myself by the end of the 30 days! And girl I’m totally with you, new stationary is the ultimate pick me up and Paperchase is just heaven for me! Also, those pancakes are photographed perfectly! I saw them on my feed quite recently and my mouth watered, oh my goodness!
    Love Casey x

    • eviejayne says

      Ah thank you so much Casey! Nothing puts me in a better mood than a good stack of pancakes haha, thanks for reading x

  11. Lizzy says

    Uh, you have totally inspired me to make stacked pancakes again next Sunday! I used to be in a habit of making them almost weekly and I think it is time bring that habit back. The way you feel about yoga is the way I feel about running. Once I get into a good routine, I absolutely love it but I fall off the bandwagon frequently. I am glad it is helping your stress-management and sleep ?.

    • eviejayne says

      Haha glad to have inspired you, definitely a good habit to have! Ah that’s amazing, it’s always incredible finding a sport or hobby that works wonders for both your mental and physical health, thanks for reading x


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