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  1. Briana Lee says

    Totally agree with you on Once Upon a Time In Hollywood! I saw it weeks ago and literally haven’t stopped thinking/talking about it. I’ve listened to pretty much every podcast about it too. Consider me obsessed lol.

    briana |

  2. sophienaylor1 says

    I’ve been reading so much more this week and watching TV more due to the weather, too! I love getting cosy in bed with a good book whilst the rain is tapping on my window x

    • eviejayne says

      I can understand why it may not be for everyone, Tarantino’s films will never be everyone’s cup of tea, but I absolutely loved it! x

  3. Audrey says

    Sweet potato fries sound so good omggg. Maybe I need to find some fries before I head home tonight haha // I need to catch up with your London trip! I’ll hunker down one cosy evening for it this weekend ❤ // I loved reading Reasons To Stay Alive with you! I have no regrets about buying my own copy new ❤ I seriously need to get around to reading Handmaid’s Tale. I was hoping to get around to finish off rereading the HP series for the first time in my life as I just have the last book to go, but I don’t think I’ll get around to it this month! (That’s what I said last month too, sigh. Maybe I’m subconsciously waiting for autumn to come around to dive back into the series.) Anywho, I hope you love HP! I’ve been listening along to the Potterless podcast as I’ve been rereading the series. Potterless is hosted by a guy in his mid-20s who is reading the series for the first time, and on his podcast he makes snarky comments haha. // Yesterday I binged all of Diagnosis on Netflix! It’s a medical docu series ? Would highly recommend if you’re into that kind of stuff! // Congrats on completing the Couch to 5K! That’s huge! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • eviejayne says

      Same! It was such an incredible book. The Handmaid’s Tale was just as amazing as I thought it would be, I couldn’t recommend the audiobook more! Haha I can definitely understand why you’d want to save HP until autumn, even listening to the audiobook feels so cosy, I’m loving it! The podcast sounds so fun too so I’ll be sure to check it out haha. Thanks you so much Audrey!! ❤

  4. Kayleigh Zara says

    Oh my gosh I love dark so it was so nice to see that someone else had watched it too, it’s such an underrated show. I also really Matt Haigs books especially reasons to stay alive! Thanks for sharing x

    Kayleigh Zara ?

    • eviejayne says

      Yes!! I barely know anyone else who has watched the show, can’t believe it’s not as popular! Can’t wait to read more by Haig!

  5. Aaliyah says

    I love reading these types of posts, I always find new things to read and watch. I am always watching different series because I finish them so quick on Netflix. I haven’t seen any of the ones you have so they are definitely on my list for my next to watch! Also Snatch is an amazing film! X

  6. everythingevening says

    I’ve heard such mixed reviews for Once Upon A Time in Hollywood! I still think I want to go see it and form my own opinion but I’m glad you enjoyed it! Congrats on finishing couch to 5k! I really need to get round to watching the Handmaid’s Tale I feel like I’m missing out. I’ve managed to read 5 books in the last 10 days as I was on holiday, I think the best one I read was The Flatshare.

    • eviejayne says

      I can understand why the film may not be for everyone, but definitely watch it for yourself and see what you think. Oh I flew through The Flatshare too! One of my favourites of the year by far, so glad you loved it! x

  7. Macey @ Brine and Books says

    I got so happy to see you tweet about finally reading the HP books! And yes, isn’t Stephen Fry’s narration so so so good?! Soak up these last few days of summer, I know I certainly did before school came all too soon. I wish I could download Couch to 5k, but it seems it’s only available on the UK App Store! What a bummer because I would have loved to do that :/ Good thing I always have the Nike Running app to fall back on. I really enjoy the running plans I can do on there, although I’d love for more variety as there are currently only 3 plans, and I’ve done one and am midway through the second.

  8. glowsteady says

    I’m glad you had a good birthday and had fun celebrating! I’m dying to see Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, it looks so good. Yay for completing the couch to 5K and want to continue, I really like the Nike running app if you want to try some training plans for longer distances x


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