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  1. Audrey | Book Book Chick says

    I read 14 books this month, which is the most I’ve read in a month… ever! My top two were Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig <3 and Bad Blood by John Carreyrou. How interesting that both of them are nonfiction, as I typically read fiction haha. I'm pretty happy with the variety of genres I read this month as well, including a classic!, a play, thrillers, true crime, contemporary fiction, and contemporary romance.

    I've seen so much hype around Nickel Boys, but it doesn't seem like it's for me. Handmaid's Tale has been on my TBR for 5ever and I seriously need to get around to it. The Secret History too. -Audrey | Book Book Chick

  2. cierrascynosure says

    Great wrap up!! 13 books is a lot! I’ve heard good things about Reasons to Stay Alive, and MaddAddam is a classic English lit book I haven’t read yet and need to. Though, I did read Oryx and Crake and enjoyed it!

    Your blog theme is SO cute! I followed (:

  3. Briana says

    You read so much this month! I’m impressed. In fact, you read my all-time favorite book, “The Secret History”, and I’m so glad to hear you loved it.


  4. Macey @ Brine and Books says

    I definitely want to read Reasons to Stay Alive after hearing/seeing, over and over, just how powerful it is. Again, so excited that you delved into the wonderful (& sometimes spooky) world of Harry Potter 😉 Having read The Handmaid’s Tale as a senior in high school, I can totally relate to your experience of being intrigued yet repulsed all at the same time. Please Read this Leaflet Carefully sounds incredible, especially when considering the stylistic, and I’m sure, intentional choice of being written in reverse chronology. That sorta reminds me of the nonlinear story telling of The Handmaid’s Tale, where we are constantly being taken to the past, and different stages of the past, at that.


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