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With Every Negative Comes a Positive

Scanning through my journal, I realise I can be the biggest pessimist when things don’t always go to plan. On the blog, it’s easy to flaunt the positive side of living abroad with fetching photos and carefully edited text. However, that’s only a sliver of reality. Before arriving I romanticized…


The Madrid Diaries: One Week In

After what has felt like the most exhausting week, my suitcases are unpacked and I’ve finally settled down in Madrid. I waved goodbye to my Dad a couple of days ago meaning I’m officially alone in a new city, setting out on my long, anxiously anticipated year abroad. If you…


5 Ways to Stay Healthy at University

What I struggled with most during my first year at university was maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t keep my eyes open during lectures, would never say no to a night out, and didn’t even enjoy half the nights anyway. If I weren’t snacking from the fridge, I’d be devouring…


Student Housing 101

Like most university students, you probably spent your first year in halls. Personally, I loved my accommodation. Well, despite the incessant fire alarm which insisted to go off at the worst moments: mid-shower, dozing off the night before an exam, dinner cooking away in the oven. Yeah. That part was…


6 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting University

Having just finished second year, I’m now officially half-way through university – where has the time gone? My first two years of studying have been the most exciting, but also a couple of the most challenging years of my life. I’ve learned a lot, not least academically, but I’ve learned…

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