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Category: University Life

5 Ways to Stay Healthy at University

What I struggled with most during my first year at university was maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t keep my eyes open during lectures, would never say no to a night out, and didn’t even enjoy half the nights anyway. If I weren’t snacking from the fridge, I’d be devouring…


Student Housing 101

Like most university students, you probably spent your first year in halls. Personally, I loved my accommodation. Well, despite the incessant fire alarm which insisted to go off at the worst moments: mid-shower, dozing off the night before an exam, dinner cooking away in the oven. Yeah. That part was…


6 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting University

Having just finished second year, I’m now officially half-way through university – where has the time gone? My first two years of studying have been the most exciting, but also a couple of the most challenging years of my life. I’ve learned a lot, not least academically, but I’ve learned…

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