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  1. Emma R says

    Thanks for these recommendations! I finish my final year uni exams soon and am really looking forward to relaxing in front of some quality shows. Definitely going to try some of these out!

    • eviejayne says

      Ah best of look with your final exams, I’ve relished the free time since finishing uni a few weeks back and I’ve been flying through shows haha x

  2. foreverseptember1 says

    Now I’ve finished university I have allll the time on my hands to binge watch Netflix – I’ve heard amazing things about Lovesick, so thats next on my list for sure!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. M says

    Haha thank you for sharing these. I have been going through tv shows like there’s no tomorrow, and some of these sound really good. You’ve convinced me. Thank you for giving me something new to watch. I’ll be watching either Lovesick or Dynasty next xo


    • eviejayne says

      You’re welcome! Oh same here haha, but these are all well worth the watch! I’m watching season three of Dynasty atm and it just keeps getting more melodramatic, I’m loving it ? x

  4. ellieslondon says

    I haven’t seen any of these but I LOVE the look of The Sinner and have it on my list! It takes me an AGE to watch anything on Netflix but I’ll get to it! The Last Kingdom also look pretty fine too ? Great list x

  5. Audrey says

    Love Atypical!!! // I don’t watch kdramas often, but when I do, they consume my life. I can binge a whole series in two days and not even pause to eat. And it’s like, kdramas are so predictable…but I still can’t stop myself!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • eviejayne says

      I’m yet to watch another kdrama since Crash Landing On You, but I can’t remember the last time a TV show had me so emotionally invested? Like, I knew everything would be alright, but why was I literally SOBBING?! My sister walked in on me crying too hahaha and she just slowly backed away and laughed ? I’m thinking of either watching GOBLIN or Descendants of the Sun next…

  6. Macey @ Brine and Books says

    Atypical is such a great show!!! Now that I’m catching up on your posts, I see your mention of Lovesick which I added to my watchlist after you mentioned it to me. I’m excited to delve into that after I finish up what I’m currently watching. The Last Kingdom sounds so so good, and Dynasty has always seemed pretty interesting; maybe I need to add that to my list as well xx

    • eviejayne says

      Yes! Atypical is so underrated, right?! I think you would LOVE Lovesick, and I just finished up The Last Kingdom and that fourth season is wild. Then, the most recent season of Dynasty was so melodramatic and unrealistic, but I’m obsessed? Liz Gillies can do no wrong.

  7. Nicola says

    Loads of great recs here, thank you! I look forward to working my way through some of then. I’ve been promising a friend I’ll watch Call My Agent for yeeeears.

  8. bricuzisaidso says

    If you haven’t yet you should definitely check out The Umbrella Academy, I was hooked after the first episode and they just put season 2 on Netflix if you’re looking for something new to watch!!

    • eviejayne says

      I flew through season 1 when it was released last year! Look forward to watching season 2 once I’ve finished with the shows I’m currently watching! x


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