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  1. Rasya says

    I didn’t know that Jacqueline Wilson has a podcast! Used to read her books when I was in school. My Netflix subscription get cancelled lol because I didn’t even use it for months but I’ve been watching a lot of Youtube and has been thinking to subscribe to Youtube Premium instead.

    • eviejayne says

      She’s doesn’t have a podcast but she was interviewed for an episode, still worth the listen! Ah I’m always using Netflix haha, but I’d say it’s definitely worth subscribing to YouTube premium if you use it a lot!

  2. itsjustabbsxo says

    I completely agree that season 3 of Atypical has been the best one yet… I watched it so quickly I couldn’t believe it when it was finished! I definitely agree that now the wintery nights are drawing in, I seem to find myself snuggled up in a blanket with a good hot chocolate! xoxo

  3. Adventure Aficionado says

    I love that you are a self-proclaimed housebound hermit! And I agree, when the weather outside is not fun, reading and watching TV series are the things that I love to do (a little too much nowadays!), but that Katy Brand podcast sounds interesting, I may check it out!

  4. Macey @ Brine and Books says

    I STILL haven’t gotten round to watching the latest season of Atypical!! School reading and work has taken over my life this month, and my reading has now taken a back seat as yours did. Kinda can’t wait for the semester to finish. I’ve actually been watching quite a bit of Youtube lately; I find it easy to just pop it on in the background as I get stuff done. Once Thanksgiving comes next week, I can officially turn on the Christmas music and DECORATE!!!! I’m too excited. So thrilled for you as you finally get into all those Stephen King novels! Can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts x

    • eviejayne says

      You’ll LOVE the newest season of Atypical! Ah my reading and blog writing has taken a complete backseat, hence why I’m only replying to this comment 2 weeks late. That’s true, I find YouTube and reality TV so easy to have playing in the background! Thanks for reading Macey xx

  5. says

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