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  1. Macey @ Brine and Books says

    I saw when you tweeted this out, and I was SO excited to read it!! I knew you wouldn’t fail to paint a pretty picture of Autumn, and I wasn’t wrong. I actually thought of writing a piece and titling it in the same way you did, great minds think alike :’) Now I’m just challenged to get my creative juices flowing and think of a different title! I’m feeling the same way in terms of being inspired, motivated, and creative. I can’t wait to start writing out all the Autumnal blog post ideas I’ve got. I adore this quote by Emily, so glad you included it xxx

  2. PaigeSummer says

    I am so ready for autumn! The final year of university is the hardest – but make the most of it while you can! In a couple years time you’ll wish you were back there. Lovely post.

    Paige x


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