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  1. simplyavalon says

    I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed reading Cat’s Cradle. That remains one of my favorite books he’s written to this day because like you said it is able to capture humanity’s stupidity in a way that is witty and poignant. I’ve never heard of “Never Have I Ever”, but considering it’s the summer I’ll need to pick it up because it sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    – Avalon from

  2. Macey Gloria says

    Fingersmith sounds amazing! 1984 is absolutely relevant. It’s frightening to me how many young people haven’t read or who don’t understand how it manifests in today’s day and age. We are increasingly being policed for thought, even in the Western world, which is appalling. We no longer coexist with people who disagree with us; instead, we ascribe motives to those people and assume the worst about their character rather than peacefully debating or choosing to still see them as humans who simply don’t think like we do. It’s unfortunate that we’re at this place, and I hope we can turn back from it!

    • eviejayne says

      I couldn’t agree more! What fascinates me even more is how Orwell wrote this decades ago but it’s more relevant now than ever. We’re constantly being manipulated without even realising. Books like this will never cease to terrify yet also amaze me.

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