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Little Things 12

The Easter holidays are finally here. I arrived back in Liverpool on Wednesday and since then I’ve dedicated my time to catch up on British TV, indulge in my mum’s cooking and lounge about on my reclaimed sofa space.

With no work, this past week hasn’t been nearly half as hectic. I’ve spent my downtime relishing the glory of doing nothing rather than forcing myself to be busy or productive. That being said, I’ve still devoted time to writing for University and the blog, and have made progress reading a few books from my seemingly endless TBR list. Overall, I’m using this short break as an opportunity to recharge and eat as much Easter chocolate as humanly possible.

Home Comforts

Living away from home has truly made me appreciate all the little home comforts which I previously took for granted. Mum cooking up a roast dinner on a Wednesday afternoon feels like a luxury after eating the same old meal-prepped meals on repeat for the past four months. Falling asleep to nothing but the twitter of birds is sheer bliss compared to the din of incessant traffic, police sirens and screaming flatmates. Having my younger siblings back to both love, annoy and argue with over ‘who ate what’ or ‘who watches TV where’ makes me feel like a kid again.

One thing I can’t say I missed is the flood of Brexit bedlam plastering the daily news. I was already tired of the perpetual update notifications popping up on my phone, never mind hearing it on the radio and TV 24/7.

Getting Old.

I’ve been away for four months and my brother’s thinking about university, my sister’s out partying and my not so little 10-year-old brother has shot up to my shoulders. I still think of them all as being my little annoying siblings, but I guess we’re getting older.

This made me think about how I’m 21 in August. My mum showed me a picture of her with Dad at his graduation, telling me that I’m the same age as she was in the photo. A rush of panic ran through me; how come I haven’t met my future husband yet? Why don’t I look at stylish as my mum? Childish really, but I can’t help but feel terrified as to how fast time flies by.

Mexican food Reunion

On Saturday evening I reunited with a few of my cousins and had a catch up over some Mexican food. We would spend every Friday after school at our Nan’s house inventing weird games, choreographing our own dance routines to Girl’s Aloud and performing shows in front of our family. Fast-forward to today and we’re all in completely different places in our lives. Nonetheless, while laughing and catching up over flavoursome fajitas and some dreamy cookie dough cheesecake, it’s as if nothing has changed.

La Parrilla Mexican Food


I caught up with the second and final season of Fleabag and all I can say is Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a genius. Somehow it topped the first season as it felt smarter, wittier and darker. I just loved the priest’s interaction with the fourth wall. I do have mixed feelings about the ending, but it drew to a beautiful close. The drama, depth and twists make this much more than a sitcom and should be on everyone’s watch list.


This is another comedy show worthy of a mention highlighting poignant societal issues. Heartwarming and amusing, this series is about 18-year-old Sam on the autism spectrum who decides it’s time to find a girlfriend and seek independence. For me, this is the most unappreciated, underrated show on Netflix and deserves so much more recognition. (Although, I do find Elsa, Sam’s mother, insufferable.)

As always, be sure to let me know what you’ve been up to!
What are some of your recent favourites? TV recommendations, foodie finds, things you’re looking forward to, let me know in the comments!



  1. I loved this ! it wa so relaxing to read, it put a big smile on my face all the way through !
    Hope you have an amazig and peaceful time to recharge with your family !
    xx Laura

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Thank you Laura! x

  2. Macey Gloria Macey Gloria

    HECK YES ELSA IS ANNOYING AF AND I REALLY REALLY DISLIKE HER!!!!!! Okay now that’s off my chest, I can comment more calmly now :’) I’m so happy for you–being home, relaxing, recharging, spending time with family, eating allllll the home-cooked food, and being in your comfort place is the best. And girl, you don’t have to worry about getting a man quickly or slowly, I can guarantee you some dashing, dapper, bookish, and intellectual type of dude is gonna fall for your pretty looks and lovely personality 😉 I always wonder about the authenticity of Mexican cuisine abroad–here in the States, especially California, Texas, Arizona, and other border states, there is no lack of delish, genuine, Mexican restaurants!! Obviously Spain is in Europe, and I don’t doubt you can get quality Spanish cuisine in England (or in other traditionally Anglo countries), but I do wonder about the Mexican food! I can’t wait to visit and see if it’s as good as it is here at home. Okay, this is a meaty little paragraph, so I’ll stop now :’) Happy Easter!!

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Haha love a meaty paragraph. Omg glad it’s not just me who hates the woman!
      Ah thank you Macey! Makes me sad to think I have to fly back on Monday, but it’s been such a lovely week! Haha thanks for the vote of confidence girl.
      Yeah I’m not sure how authentic it is here either, but it’s still pretty good! I’m not good with spice so I normally opt for the mild dishes haha. Thanks for reading! x

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