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  1. Laura ? says

    I loved this ! it wa so relaxing to read, it put a big smile on my face all the way through !
    Hope you have an amazig and peaceful time to recharge with your family !
    xx Laura

  2. Macey Gloria says

    HECK YES ELSA IS ANNOYING AF AND I REALLY REALLY DISLIKE HER!!!!!! Okay now that’s off my chest, I can comment more calmly now :’) I’m so happy for you–being home, relaxing, recharging, spending time with family, eating allllll the home-cooked food, and being in your comfort place is the best. And girl, you don’t have to worry about getting a man quickly or slowly, I can guarantee you some dashing, dapper, bookish, and intellectual type of dude is gonna fall for your pretty looks and lovely personality 😉 I always wonder about the authenticity of Mexican cuisine abroad–here in the States, especially California, Texas, Arizona, and other border states, there is no lack of delish, genuine, Mexican restaurants!! Obviously Spain is in Europe, and I don’t doubt you can get quality Spanish cuisine in England (or in other traditionally Anglo countries), but I do wonder about the Mexican food! I can’t wait to visit and see if it’s as good as it is here at home. Okay, this is a meaty little paragraph, so I’ll stop now :’) Happy Easter!!

    • eviejayne says

      Haha love a meaty paragraph. Omg glad it’s not just me who hates the woman!
      Ah thank you Macey! Makes me sad to think I have to fly back on Monday, but it’s been such a lovely week! Haha thanks for the vote of confidence girl.
      Yeah I’m not sure how authentic it is here either, but it’s still pretty good! I’m not good with spice so I normally opt for the mild dishes haha. Thanks for reading! x

  3. gateio says

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