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  1. Briana Lee says

    I feel like we would get along so well based on all your thoughts here! I have been loving the new seasons of Queer Eye and Drag Race. Such a good positivity boost!

  2. Gemma says

    I’ve been obsessed with hummus what I wouldn’t give to find a place that specializes in it! Between that and the ice cream I’m so hungry now 🙂 Glad you’re having a fun Spring!

  3. Lizzy says

    Your upcoming trips sound really exciting! I just got back from Israel, where the hummus is on a different level good, so I have been on a huge hummus craze as well lately.

  4. Aaliyah says

    I think I must be the only person to not have seen queeer eye yet but I’m definitely going to now after reading this! Also that ice cream looks amazing!! X

  5. Michelle Blackadar says

    loved this post! i’ve not seen queer eye but everyone seems to absolutely love it so i’ll need to give it a go! xx

    mich x

  6. Macey Gloria says

    I definitely am intrigued by Ricky Gervais’ show; I think he’s brilliant. The Paris Review sounds amazing, and I’m about to read the article you linked! A solo tourist trip & going back home for Easter sound lovely; I hope you enjoy both of those experiences to the fullest xx

  7. Sophie says

    AMEN for hummus! It took me long enough to find it too but now it’s one of my favourite things, i especially love the happy pear beetroot humous! Your upcoming trip sounds exciting and definitely not to be underestimated – doing it on your own is always scary, so it’s okay to feel a bit nervous – just try to embrace the moment as much as possible when you’re there, i can’t wait to hear about it on here hopefully! ?

    • eviejayne says

      I’m definitely going to be bulk-buying ut from now on haha, so good! Thank you so much! Hopefully I’ll find the time to write all about it when I’m back ?‍? x

  8. Lucy says

    Queer Eye has me in tears every episode, I absolutely love it and Jonathan Van Ness is an absolute queen – I love him. Afterlife is also incredible, I cried at that as well, absolutely insane!

    Lucy | Forever September

  9. Audrey says

    I just finished Queer Eye yesterday! The most powerful moment of S03 for me was when one of the Jones sisters got her smile back :’) // ooh I like dark humour. I just watched the trailer for After Life. It kind of reminds me of the premise of Irreplaceable You, which, admittedly, I haven’t watched yet, but it’s about how a woman tries to help plan her fiance’s future without her (including finding him a girlfriend) when she finds out she has cancer — similar to After Life in topic. It also kind of reminds me of Atypical, about a high school kid with autism — similar to After Life in humour. // Just yesterday I binged all of Selling Sunset. This past summer I was looking at apartments in NYC, and ever since I’ve been obsessed with apartment tours and real estate. Selling Sunset is a reality show for a luxury real estate agency in Los Angeles. You get to see amazing properties, and there’s also quite a bit of drama between the real estate agents ?

    Ahahh I saw your hummus announcement on Instagram! ;D I love snacking on sliced bell peppers dipped in hummus. // I also saw your ice cream on Instagram! Even though it’s still chilly in my city, that made me want to go out for some gelato <3 I'm so looking forward to the weather warming up!

    Have an amazing trip next weekend!! I'm going on a trip with my family next week ? It was a last-minute plan hehe. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • eviejayne says

      Oh that whole episode had me sobbing, that was such a lovely moment! I haven’t watched that but it sounds similar! Is Atypical any good? It’s been on my watchlist for a while now! I’ve also seen that show advertised! I do love some drama haha might give it a watch ??‍♀️

      When I’m home I’m planning on bulk-buying a load of it, definitely my new favourite snack, so good!! Haha I’m just making the most of the sun here in Madrid before returning to rainy England. Thank you! Hope you enjoy your family trip too! ?

  10. Nancy says

    It is always nice to reflect on the little things! I haven’t seen these shows before but they sounds interesting. Oh man, I need to get on with the After Life. Mmm, hummus is delicious! I’m glad you finally tried it out! Shoot, it is almost ice cream season again! I love how the cup looks. Hope you’ll enjoy your trip!

    Nancy ♥


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