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  1. Macey Gloria says

    I love everything about this. You really expressed your feelings on writing so well; this is one of the amazing blog posts that I only get to read every once in a while, wherein the writing is magnificent and the topic matches that magnificence. I will forever be envious of the creative, imaginative minds that are able to dream up whole worlds, characters, themes, and stories; who knows, maybe one day, I will tap into that myself although I don’t think I’ve been fortunate enough to receive that inborn quality. In any case, I enjoy my expressive pieces, whether public or personal, and I enjoy my persuasive or informative pieces as well. Writing is certainly underrated and overlooked, and the power of a good writer is underestimated. You have an amazing writing voice, and I will always enjoy reading what you have to share with the world. xxx

    • eviejayne says

      That’s what I find so amazing about writing, you don’t necessarily need to be the next Tolkien and write a fantastical saga, but it allows you to offload so many thoughts via so many different forms. Whether it’s something personal or something for the world to read, I love the freedom of it all. Thank you so much Macey for such a lovely comment, this just reinforces my reasoning as to why I adore writing! Receiving comments like this never fails to lift my mood ✨ x

  2. Nancy says

    It is great that you’ve enjoyed writing for the longest! I like that you incorporate different styles and techniques in your work. It’s good that you had a realization and found some time to write. Glad blogging is a great way to share your creative side. Glad all of this has been an exciting journey! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

    • eviejayne says

      Thank you so much! It’s definitely a passion of mine and love the freedom that comes with it, thanks for reading x

  3. Audrey says

    In college, I once tried taking a creative nonfiction course (like, journalism), but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped. I went to two classes and then swapped it out of my schedule. // I love writing for so many of the same reasons as you! Really, all of them are reasons I write. The two most important reasons for me are 1) for documentation, like you commemorate the minutiae of the day-to-day, and 2) to sort out my thoughts, like you offload niggling thoughts. It’s so cathartic! I think my blog was a big part of maintaining my sanity whilst in college haha. As a computer science and linguistics double major, I had a lot of computer science friends, and almost their whole lives were about computer science. As for me, I needed my break from computer science, and my blog did that for me 🙂 It inspired me to go out and experience different things and constantly put my life in perspective, reminding me that there was so much more in the world than school. // I can’t believe that you just started blogging June 2018! I’ve loved discovering your blog and following along in the past months, and look forward to more! <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • eviejayne says

      Oh I wish I had started my blog earlier, I wouldn’t have been nearly half as stressed during the start of University if I did! It’s great to be able to have something else to focus on too besides exams and deadlines. Exactly! I feel like so much pressure is put on us to find a practical career, whatever that may be, but writing lets you look beyond that – there’s so much out there! Ah yes haha I really haven’t been blogging for long, and wish I had started sooner, but I’ve loved every minute of it and can’t wait to continue. Thank you so much for the lovely comment as always! ❤

  4. Chynna says

    I’ve never resonated with a post as much as I have with this one. Sure, I may not write all the time but like yourself I can quell the need to write – whether it’s a little note in the morning or just jotting down something quickly because it’s popped in to my head, I need to let out those thoughts! Blogs are such a good creative outlet, as well, and your reason for starting for your blog was my exact reason many moons ago. I’ve also started bullet journalling again, which has also kickstarted my desire to write, write, write again. I nearly joined a creative writing society when I was in university, but I chickened out at the last second because I was super shy about my writing back then. We grow and learn, right? I love the way you write – articulate plus creative writing really makes me happy and draws me in the most. Thank you so much for posting this! I’m really enjoying following your blogging journey <3

    • eviejayne says

      Exactly! ‘Writing’ can be anything from a small reminder to a 500 page novel and that’s what I find so incredible. It encompasses and allows for so much freedom. Bullet journals are great right? It just sparks my desire to get creative. Ah thank you so much, comments like this just reinforce my reasoning as to why I love blogging and writing, especially regarding topics I’m so passionate about. They never fail to make me happy! Thank you so much Chynna, glad you enjoyed it! ❤

  5. Lizzy says

    This was so nice to read and very relatable. The only thing I would say is different about my ‘writing-experience’ is that I loved writing at university. I think because I didn’t to degrees related to writing or language, I was grateful for every opportunity given to me to write. After university I had a little crisis, as nobody gave me assignments to write anymore. Luckily I figured out pretty quickly that I can still write for myself and have been doing it non-stop ever since.

    • eviejayne says

      Yeah I think writing is the perfect thing to turn to when you need a change, especially when studying something which requires so little of it. Exactly! Even if I didn’t have my blog, I think writing would still be a huge part of my life. Glad you could resonate with this! ❤

  6. Gemma says

    Very beautiful essay! I agree with a lot of your thoughts. I started writing in high school and haven’t really stopped even though a lot of my stuff is unfinished as well. I’ve always said it’s one of the things that helps most with my anxiety and other issues. Life gets in the way sometimes but I don’t think you ever really lose the love of it 🙂

  7. ellieslondon says

    I completely feel what you are saying about being creative. I loved writing my whole life as well but as soon as I started doing journalism at university, I stopped writing in my free time. The constraints of deadlines and ‘needing’ to write a certain way really felt stifling 🙁 When I graduated in 2016, it took me until last summer until i felt like i could write and not be annoyed by it. Now it is a great tool in keeping anxiety levels low and keeping on top of everything in life ♥

    • eviejayne says

      Deadlines always put a strain on my writing, and the last thing I want to do is pick up a pen afterwards! It’s amazing right? Thanks for reading x

  8. Rums the Reader says

    Really loved reading this post Evie! I could really relate to the bit where you mentioned being such an avid writer and then stress and deadlines kicking in and killing that joy and routine a bit. I’m so glad you’ve managed to find your way back to writing regularly again and found time to enjoy it too. So often, a passion can become a chore and I’m glad that’s not the case for you (: I also studied English Lit and found the material to be quite dry – with the exception of a few great classes but overall I feel like the curriculum needs to be reworked in order to be more interesting! Thanks for sharing xx

    • eviejayne says

      Thank you so much! Exactly, deadlines can definitely be a hindrance. I’m so with you on that one, they pick the dullest of texts I swear. With dull texts come dull essays. So glad you enjoyed it ✨ x

  9. Kayla Jayne says

    I have to say I absolutely loved reading this post Evie, the way its written, the words you’ve used. It’s a great post to read, and I can tell just from reading it how much you really do enjoy to write.

  10. Ashley Firth says

    I love writing too! When I was younger I would write endless poems. I then became an academic and write endless articles, but I love to blog because I don’t have to adhere to any style. I can let my imagination take me anywhere xxx

  11. Sophie Harrison says

    I adore the part where you said “even if only a minuscule part of the world stumbles upon it.” That is the best possible attitude to have with blogging. LOVE > LIKES. If only more people had this outlook! Like you, i see it as the perfect way to offload my thoughts, but also connect with people. I do often become conscious that i receive very few comments on my posts, but on IG i get chatting to some wonderful people who i know do read my blog and have found it really helpful/relatable. Ultimately, that matters more than any brand deal or follower count!

    Ps: i used to spend my snow-days as a child writing stories for my parents to read in the evening 😛

    Bumble and Be

    • eviejayne says

      Exactly! I loved writing long before I blog, so really, blogging is just another platform, even if only a small percentage of people read my posts. Yes! It’s such a lovely community, so glad you share this outlook. Haha that’s so sweet! Thanks for reading x


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