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  1. Macey Gloria says

    I hope you really do soak in your time at home & that it’s all stress free. Hopefully the good old British food, your family & friends, and classic tv & radio get you in the best Christmas spirit!

  2. Gertrude T Kitty says

    I thought 16-19 so I know where you are coming from. I think more and more ‘excuse me’ and ‘please’ are disappearing from the English lanuage. As a disabled person I know that patience and manners are nearly as rare as the Grinch. Happy Christmas.

  3. aimsysantics says

    It sounds like Christmas is celebrated very differently in Spain to the UK!
    I think it’s amazing that you are spending the year there though…my Spanish has been zilch since my GCSE days! Why is it that the only word I remember is un sacapuntas! Thanks for that Brain, very useful in conversation!
    I bet the Liverpool lights look amazing and very festive!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas back home!

    Aimsy xoxo


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