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  1. Leah says

    My halls of residence weren’t particularly nice (and didn’t have ensuite!) so transitioning from halls to student housing actually wasn’t that much of a problem. Having said that, I do remember having lots of arguments with my housemates over the messy kitchen/bathroom/living room (I lived with three guys and I don’t think they understood what a duster was!!) and there was endless bickering about people eating other people’s food! Despite all these things, I loved having more independence and it was a brilliant experience (its also makes me appreciate the clean house I live in now!!). Great piece!

    • eviejayne says

      I lived with three girls and there were still a load of arguments over cleaning! Haha definitely, I love coming home to a clean house. Couldn’t agree more! It’s all part of the experience at the end of the day. Thanks for reading! x

  2. Beka says

    My flat that I’ve just moved out of was awful. They left us without a working bathroom light (and no windows) for so long that we ended up bringing in one of our dads and fixing it ourselves, but for ages we were showering in the dark which was so sloppy and dangerous. And then our toilet flush was broken for 5 months, which meant for 5 months we had to reach into the cistern and flush it manually. It was so gross ?

    Some landlords and agencies are great, but others really look down on students because we aren’t “adults” earning our own wage yet. I think that’s so shitty, because we are adults, and we should be treated in the same manner and give the same respect and facilities as any other wage earning adult. Just because we’re studying for a better education, we’re sometimes treated like shit ? that’s another thing I would definitely warn uni students of – prepare to live in a less than functioning flat, because chances are you aren’t going to get a good landlord/agency!

    Beka |

    • eviejayne says

      Oh that sounds like an absolute nightmare ? I honestly don’t know how some agencies get away with it, or even think it’s okay to completely disregard students. I know some people who weren’t too bothered and just kind of got used to living in a slump, but nonetheless, the landlords should be helping us out rather than looking down on us ? we shouldn’t have to live in conditions like that, especially with how expensive it can be!! Thanks for reading ?

  3. Lupe says

    I hated living in a dorm as a freshman. Everyone was so loud and never talked to me so I just hung out in my room with a couple of friends. I rented a house my second year and it was sooo much better. I could clean, cook, and do whatever I wanted. It was hard at first but my friends made me feel so comfortable that we would hangout all day and help each other study. I loved it, even if it was expensive.

  4. ellieslondon says

    I really hated living in my halls in first year. I lived switched 4 student gals for 2 professional guys in my house share in year two and I stayed there for a while after finishing uni – it was so much more fun than halls/students ever were for me, but my uni experience wasn’t the most conventional anyway! I’ve always been lucky with really quiet and tidy housemates for the most part of the last 5 years…but there are always a few that have to been seen to be believed. x

  5. Emily says

    I’m moving into a student house in September with one friend from uni/school so hopefully we’ll keep on top of everything! I really enjoyed this post as it shows that student life is such a unique experience! X

    Emily //

    • eviejayne says

      Ah hopefully it won’t be too messy then with it just being the two of you! Haha thank you, hope you love your new student house! X

  6. Rachel says

    Loved this post! All of it is so true! The box room arguements are so real…

    My halls of residence were a palace compared to the really cold flat on a dodgy arts we ended up in for 2nd year. The agency tried to get money oro of left right and centre, including ignoring is every time we complained about the broken oven and then trying to get money of our deposit to cover it. I ended up moving in with my boyfriend in 3rd year because a 1 bedroom place was so much cheaper and it wasn’t until then I found my routine!

    • eviejayne says

      Thank you! God some agencies and landlords are a joke. Swear they expect students to just be ok with broken appliances etc and think they can take whatever money they want from us. But that sounds so much better than living in an awful flat ? dread to think about finding somewhere for my 4th year! Thanks for reading x

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