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Integrating Fitness into Every Day Life

During term time at uni I was going to the gym about 4-5 times a week. I’d wake up, head to the gym and work up a sweat before heading home to get ready for lectures. Now however, the gym has taken a backseat. We’re half-way through August and it’s the first month since I joined the gym in September last year that I haven’t consistently worked out. Be it down to my raging to-do lists or lack of energy, I haven’t been to the gym in weeks.

Nonetheless, I’m still squeezing home-workouts into my morning routine and incorporating small doses of fitness and wellness to my day-to-day life. So, today I thought I’d share a few realistic ways of improving your fitness without the need of a gym.

Just starting out?

You might be reading this post and be completely clueless as to how to get started with fitness. My advice? I’d 100% recommend trying a few things out at home first to get comfortable with working out and discovering what you enjoy.

What better way to start working than from the comfort of your own home? When I started taking exercise seriously last summer, I began by practicing some basic compound exercises. For example, I focused on my squat stance, increasing my plank endurance and improving my form across all areas. I wouldn’t recommend using weights straight-away. Trust me when I say it’s important to perfect your form first to prevent injury when you begin lifting weights.

Initially, I didn’t really know what I was doing and felt self-conscious, even at home. However, with patience and consistency, I soon felt confident enough and joined the gym near my student flat.

What’s more, there’s no one-size fits all approach when it comes to exercise. Some people commit to a form of working out and hate it. However, will you commit to strength training if you dread every single session? Probably not. Out of all the forms of exercise out there, find one that makes your heart sing. Yes this will require a little bit of experimenting, but finding something you love means excuses won’t even enter the equation when it’s time to work out.

Working-out from home

A lot of us have busy routines, some busier than others, that include full-time jobs, cooking dinner, cleaning up, catching up with friends, writing blog posts, the list goes on. These routines often dominate our days, leaving little time to get our sweat on. However, just like getting up and going to work, making yourself dinner, or taking a shower, exercise can be incorporated into our daily routine.

Working out from home leaves little room for excuses and you can fit it in morning, noon or night depending on when you have the time.

At home essentials

As you become more comfortable you may want to up the ante and purchase a few bits and pieces to improve your work-outs.

Once you’ve perfected your form, start thinking about incorporating weights into your workouts. Strength training is important in terms of retaining muscle and the key to a revved up metabolism. Dumbbells can be found cheap online and how heavy they are should depend on your fitness level.

Another one of my fitness essentials is a resistant band. They’re perfect for toning and upping your game with squats, leg extensions, shoulder bridges, and that’s just a few. I purchased Grace’s resistant bands a couple of month ago and they have quickly become a holy grail. They even came with a guide offering some tips and tricks on how to best use them to your advantage.

Finally, a yoga mat is another essential for any home-workout devotee. Alongside some weights and resistant bands, I’m able to work up a sweat from home whenever I lack time for the gym, with the added bonus of the kitchen and shower being just steps away post-workout.

Online Workouts

The benefit of working out from home is having Youtube and other online resources at your disposal to help guide you towards your fitness goals.

A Youtube channel which I owe my heart to is Fitness Blender, who have over 500 free workout videos. My favourites include their sweaty HIIT sessions such as this ‘HIIT Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily’ which burns fat and boosts metabolism, and strength training workouts like this ‘Brutal Butt and Thigh Workout’  which builds muscle. What’s even better? A lot of their workouts require no equipment at all.

In terms of yoga practice, there are so many apps and online videos to guide your practice. I used to think yoga and pilates were a waste of time. However they build strength, tone muscles, increase balance, flexibility and works wonders for your mentality. For instance, this 20 minute Morning Yoga workout by SarahBethYoga is perfect to get your blood flowing while simultaneously toning the body. Another video which is deceivingly difficult is this Toning workout by Tonic. I expected a light session to wake me up but finished the half an hour practice with shaky legs and aching abs.

There is so much online meaning you can easily work-out without going out.

Walk more

As cliched as it may seem, walking is the easiest way to improve your fitness. With full-time jobs or day-long study sessions, a lot of us lead sedentary lifestyles sat in front of a computer. This, of course, is detrimental for our health, posture and stress levels.

I don’t want to sound like a parrot by telling you to take the stairs or hop off the bus a stop earlier; every health blogger has shouted these activities from the rooftops. However, they’re simple ways of upping your step count and prove that taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult. Ever since I’ve gone for more walks while listening to a good podcast, I have noticed a huge change in my mood. So how about you take your lunch breaks outside or meet up with a pal and have a vent over a walk. You can burn some calories and relieve some stress while out from that desk chair.

Ultimately, it’s important to set realistic, sustainable fitness goals and create long-term habits. There’s no such thing as a quick fix, but by making fitness a daily priority, you’ll be well on your way to a healthy, happier you.

How do you incorporate fitness into your daily life?

Thanks for reading,



  1. I get tired easily and bored easily but I will check out that yoga video ☺️
    Abi xx

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      It may seem boring at first but it ends up being such a good workout and is much harder than it seems! Thanks for reading! x

  2. Macey Gloria Macey Gloria

    I loved this post!! I literally wrote up a post last night about a few things one can do to live a healthier lifestyle; it’s going up next week:) I definitely agree with you that working out at home before joining the gym can help with so much, whether it’s what exercises you find that you enjoy, or getting used to using your body weight before transitioning to actual weights.

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Oo I’ll make sure to check it out once it’s up! Exactly! Working out from home is a great way to start your fitness journey, and it’s so easy too! Thanks for reading! xx

  3. abbiejadewanders abbiejadewanders

    Needed to read this today! I am really trying to get fitter and tone up a bit and have been so lost on where to begin! I go to the gym but I think it’s the consistency that I need to improve, some weeks I will go four mornings before work and then I will only go once the next week! Thankyou for recommending the Fitness Blender I will have to have a look at that 🙂

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Consistency can easily become a problem when our routines are a bit all over the place, that’s why I’ve been loving working out from home! Squeeze in a workout in the morning and then I’m good for the day! Yess they’re amazing, I hope you find them useful!! Thanks for reading ✨

  4. Wow your so good going to the gym that much I hardly like to go once a week, I really wish I was someone who really like the gym but I’m going to start doing more at home workout and walking more! Great post x

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      It’s not too difficult once you get into a routine! But yeah definitely try working out from home first and find something you enjoy! We all prefer different types of exercise! x

  5. I loved this! It’s so true what they say about starting being the hardest part. It’s second nature by the time you find a way to work it into your routine. I love Fitness Blender for at home workouts. So glad you mentioned Grace’s bands too. I’ve been tempted to pick some up for ages now x


    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Exactly! Once you find a routine that you’re comfortable with, working out becomes more of a habit rather than being something that seems like a chore. You should definitely try them! The material and the guide that comes with them are amazing! x

  6. I love how you’ve included super easy tips as well as ones for the seasoned exerciser! x

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Thanks! I know how difficult it can be starting out! x

  7. This post is great! I haven’t been to the gym in months, and now that I have a pup it is going to be a lot harder to go out to a gym as well as university when that starts back up again. I’m definitely going to have to start working on an exercise routine at home, so these tips were definitely needed – and I’ll be checking out your recommended videos, too ☺️

    Beka |

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Thank you! Ever since I found a good workout routine at home I haven’t felt like I’ve needed to go to the gym! Haha taking your dog for a walk counts as exercise too! Hope you love the videos, Fitness Blender have honestly helped so much with my fitness ??✨

      • He’s still small so the walks are quite short until he grows, but I really need to work on my core – my belly is really starting to grow ? I started using Yoga with Adriene a few weeks ago, but I fell out of the routine again with work, but I love her yoga videos! I’m definitely going to try Fitness Blender alongside her ☺️

        • eviejayne eviejayne

          Oh I feel you on that one ?? yoga is great for toning core muscles though so I’m trying to incorporate it more into my workout routine! Oh I love Adriene! I tried her 30 yoga challenge last year and loved it. Hope you find them useful! I’m always dead after their workouts haha

  8. This is such a great post! I used to be so active but since I started my new job last year I’ve lacked motivation as I’m always SO tired when I get home, I really needed this post to help motivate myself to get back to it as I used to love running and strength training!

    Jess //

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Ah thank you! Yeah once you find something you love it’s all about finding a routine that works for you! Working out from home has been so important ever since I started my summer job! Thanks for reading! ✨

  9. Such an amazing post !! I just recently started working out and reading this has definitely made me more inspired to continue staying fit! Thank you xx

  10. I used to go to the gym about 4 times a week in my first year of uni… now, I’ve graduated and I just cannot get my arse up and to the gym! I’ve lost pretty much all my motivation which sucks!! Definitely going to try and start again with at-home workouts xx

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Yeah I have so much more motivation while I’m at uni because I’m in a routine! Now it’s summer it’s so much harder! Thanks for reading x

  11. I’ve been working out at home all summer (missing my uni gym a lot!), and it’s surprising how much you can fit in with no equipment and your living room floor. Thanks for the tips – defo gonna check that youtube channel out! xo

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      I couldn’t agree more! There’s so much out there that it’s so easy to get in a good workout without the gym! Thanks for reading x

  12. Great tips – I will check out the youtube channels/videos you mentioned!

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Thank you! Hope you find them helpful! x

  13. Thank you for writing this! You posted it right when I needed it. Call me lazy, but I’m starting my Fitness with yoga and walking. I will dedicate myself to do more than 7k steps each day from now on and do yoga each morning for 30 days. I definitely agree that when you start working out from home, you can choose the time of the day, but also delay it. I’ve never been to gym, but it’s probably more motivating when you’re there.

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Yoga and walking is a great way to start! I started off yoga with Yoga with Adrienne’s 30 days challenge and my fitness improved so much more than I expected! Everyone works in different ways! Thanks for reading x

  14. I love how encouraging this post is! I’ve been trying to get into running, and some weeks I do great and other weeks I find it too hard to get out there and do it. I guess these things get easier with time. Great post! xx

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Thank you! Yeah 100%! No one’s fitness journey is easy, it’s just about finding what works best for you! Thank you xx

  15. So many signs lately have been pointing me in the albeit right direction of working out and staying fit. I love the idea of staying fit. It’s just that I’m really lazy, I get bored easily and i’m a master at procrastination. Another stump is that I don’t wake up early enough to work out before I have to hurry for lectures (I’ve tried).
    I have a blog at so between that and lectures, I live a pretty sedentary life so I’m getting really worried about my health, cholesterol levels, hypertension and all that (I’m a med student so I hear those things everyday. Can get a little scary). I’m going to try and put in more efforts. I’ll try to walk or jog then maybe join a gym or something. Hopefully, I’ll find the exercise routine that makes my soul sing.
    Thanks for the post.

  16. I just started getting into fitness, because I’ve started gaining weight after graduating from my university! I didn’t realize that all the walking I do was making such a difference on my body! Like you said, we spend so much time on the computer now-a-days, especially with my job now, that I need to make a bigger effort at walking around like I did before! I bought some fitness bands too, that I use for my arms! I think I’m going to start incorporating online fitness routines too. Great suggestion! xxx

    Melina |

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Yeah it’s crazy how much more active we are during term times, you don’t even realise! It’s so easy to go entire days barely moving, but exactly! Just small steps into incorporating fitness into your everyday lifestyle can have a huge impact, thanks for reading ✨xx


    I’ve got a resistance band tied to my sink so I can do some legs and bum stuff while I brush my teeth! I’ve actually noticed a difference even with just 2 minutes twice a day so deffo worth looking into doing more stuff at home!

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