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Blossoming Hearts Award

So fellow book fanatic and blogger Emily has kindly nominated me for the Blossoming Hearts Award, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Bloggers like Emily remind me how lovely the blogging community truly is, her endless support over the past couple of months has been incredible. Make sure you check out her blog here (warning: your TBR pile will only get bigger).

This award was created by Jay, and the idea of the award is to thanks three bloggers for their support. I’ve been blogging for just a short but sweet two months and so far, loved every minute of it. Therefore, I want to take this chance to shout out a few bloggers who have not only been supportive but whose posts I relish and never fail to inspire me.


  1. Thank three people you want to and give a shout out to any others you wish, you can write as much or as little as you want to. (These people do not have to be your nominations).
  2. Nominate three people. If you are nominated again after posting, a tweet of thanks and appreciation is enough.
  3. This is all about love and support so thank the person who nominated you, and congratulations if you are nominated.

Three People I’d Like To Thank


Abbie Jade Wanders

During my short time blogging, fellow language-lover Abbie has been nothing but supportive. I can always tell by her responses that she’s taken the time to read my posts. Alongside her support, Abbie has an amazing travel and lifestyle blog which never fails to set my wanderlust alight. A few of my favourite posts include her recommendations of where to visit around Madrid and Japan, showcasing their stunning culture. Overall, her writing and photography makes me want to grab my suitcase and catch the next flight. Her passion for travel and talent for writing shines through each and every post – be sure to check out her blog!

Alys Journals

Not only has Alys been supportive of my little online space, and left the loveliest comments, but her blog is also something I couldn’t help but share. She discusses everything from her travel adventures to her struggles with mental health, and always leaves me feeling inspired. It’s her honesty which stands out for me, so much so that I’m always amazed by her openness in each post. Alys is such a talented writer and a ray of light in the blogging community.

Beka Daisies

Beka is another lovely blogger who is worthy of all your follows and support. Her comments remind me of what I love most about blogging: the community and their encouragement is incredible. On top of this, Beka’s blog is also another one of my favourites: delicious recipes, bullet journal inspiration, and her new Edinburgh series has sparked up my desire to return to the gorgeous Scottish capital. Beka really has something for everyone and I couldn’t recommend following her more.

Another thank you must go to the creator of this award, Jay, for allowing us to spread some love in the blogging community. I’m not usually the sloppy kind and I don’t express my appreciation nearly as much as I should. However, I couldn’t be more grateful for how supportive this entire community has been over my short period of blogging, and I look forward to continuing.

Thanks for reading and congratulations to the nominees!



  1. I’m gonna check these bloggers out now, I love how you described them as super supportive. Great article 🙂

  2. Congratulations on being nominated for the blossoming hearts award! These three bloggers are familiar. Glad Abbie Jade, Alys, and Beka have all been inspiring to you. They’re great people! Keep it up with the kickass blog!

    Nancy ♥

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Thank you! They’re amazing right? Thank you so much Nancy! x

  3. Ahh so glad that this award has reached you, you really deserve it! 😀 Such fabulous bloggers you have nominated too! x

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Thank you so much! Such a lovely award! x

  4. I’m going to give each of these blogs a read just now! I love the descriptions you gave of each of them! It was so cute!

    Rachael x

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Yay I hope you love them! Thank you! x

  5. I finally got around to sitting down and reading this, and my heart has MELTED. Your words were so sweet and kind, they have honestly touched my heart. Thank you so much, Evie 💗

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Ah you’re welcome, you deserve it! Can’t wait to read more of your posts! 💗

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