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  1. Emily says

    This is such a lovely post. We have so many similar loves! Passion, bananas, and the cold side of the pillow are my favourite of your picks. ☺️

    • eviejayne says

      Thank you! It was such a fun little post to make. Yess, I’ve especially been loving the cold side of the pillow with this weather lately! Thanks for reading ♥

  2. ellieslondon says

    It’s so nice to see a genuinely happy (literally) post ♥ The run up to Christmas is the BEST! You mentioned new, but what about the smell of old books? :’) x

    • eviejayne says

      Thank you! It was such a fun little list to put together! Ah isn’t it?! Oh I loveee the smell of old books as well, is it weird that I smell all of my books? Haha, thanks for reading! X

  3. foundationsandfairytales says

    This is such a cute post! I love reading things like this as I’m quite a negative person so these kinds of posts always make me think a little bit more positively while trying to come up with my own list of things which make me happy. I agree with you about good books and Netflix as well as some of the other things you’ve listed, at the top of mine would definitely be Disney so I love how you mentioned The Incredibles 2 it’s fab isn’t it?

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

    • eviejayne says

      Thank you! I’m the same, so making this list helped remind me to stay positive, and it was so much fun to make! Haha I loved it! Definitely needed a bit of Disney therapy, thanks for reading! ✨

  4. blacktulipbeauty says

    Okay firstly I love that number one is peanut butter because peanut butter kinda makes the world go round… I love that when having a bad time you’ve compiled this list to feel better instead of letting the bad things really get to you, that’s admirable girl and I hope you’re feeling a bit better! I also love bananas, avocado toast and melted cheese aswell as Friends. I watch it every night before I fall asleep! I’m tempted to do myself a little one of these lists!
    Alice Xx

    • eviejayne says

      Yess peanut butter above everything else. Thank you so much! I’m guilty of letting my negative thoughts get the better of me so this was definitely refreshing and helped raise my spirits a little. Ah yay! Friends will forever be one of my favourite shows. Yes you should! It was so nice to reflect ✨

  5. sophhearts says

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve not had the best time but you’re totally right, Disney makes everything a little better and I loved the second Incredibles too! This is such an uplifting post and deliveries are definitely on my list too!
    Soph – https://sophhearts.com x

    • eviejayne says

      Ah thank you, I couldn’t agree more haha, I definitely needed a bit of Disney therapy. A bit of retail therapy is guaranteed to make me happy. Thanks for reading! ✨

  6. abbiejadewanders says

    This really has inspired me to think of the 50 little things that make me happy, it is so heartwarming. Sometimes we just need to step back and make a good list like this! The smell of new books, learning languages and the sound of the rain would 100% make my list too! x


    • eviejayne says

      Yeah you should def try making one! I let my negative thoughts take over way too often, so something like this was so refreshing and fun to make! Ah they all make me so happy, thanks for reading! ✨

  7. Bexa says

    This is such a lovely post Evie! I love so many things here, green tea, cold side of pillow, baggy clothes, new stationery to name a few! It’s so nice to appreciate the little happy things as they can really boost your mood. Thank you for sharing ? xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    • eviejayne says

      Thank you! Yeah making this list put me in such a positive mood afterwards! Ah, all such lovely things, thank you for reading ✨ xx

  8. Nancy says

    I LOVE this post! I’m all about the happy things and it’s always nice to think about things that cheer you up. Oh man, I still haven’t watched The Incredibles 2!!! YESSS on green tea! They’re so healthy and tasty. I am on board with good makeup days – those days when the eyebrows are ON POINT! I am excited that the -ber months are coming soon, CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! Ok, maybe a few more months to go. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    • eviejayne says

      Yeah it definitely helped to put in a good mood! Ah you need to see it! It did not disappoint! Hahah same, the build up for Christmas is my favourite time of year! Thanks for reading ✨

  9. Rasya says

    Yes, yes and yes! It’s good for our mental health to write a list on things that make us happy.

    Being sick sucks but I hope you feel better now.

    x Rasya

  10. Dorota says

    The smell of new books is just like a drug to me. I love it so much! Sometimes when I browse a book at the shop I smell it and people look at me like I am a complete weirdo! I am planning to see The Incredibles 2 this week, hope it will be as good as the previous one!

    • eviejayne says

      Haha I’ve probably smelt every book I’ve ever read, is that normal? Oh I hope you enjoy it! I loved it! Thanks for reading x

  11. Chloe O'Keeffe says

    This is such a feel good post, I’m delighted I came across it! I love the cold side of a pillow and answering quiz show questions right! Best of luck with everything, and hope your well soon!

  12. thoughtsfromjasmine says

    This is such a good idea to get yourself out of feeling bad, and I hope that you’re starting to feel a little bit better. I agree with so many of those things on your list, especially any kinds of acheivements, big or small.

    Jas xx

  13. betterthangoodenough123 says

    Thanks so much for sharing your list of happy things. I love making happy lists! I have to agree – the blogger community is awesome, and the build up to Christmas is hard to beat!

  14. Babita says

    Aww! This is such a lovely post you made dear!!! There are so many little things to name! I am not a tea person, but when it comes on green tea, nothing beats that! I love smell of new books, clothes! I love the festival feeling, oh there are tons to name!

    Xoxo Babita

  15. jsercia says

    I never thought of the cold side of a pillow before. That is so true. I love that cozy feeling. Waking up and having a cup of English breakfast tea and reading a book before I start my day is one of my favorites. ?


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