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  1. Lukeheywoodstyle says

    This is such an informative post.
    I’ve never really thought about taking up another language before, but reading the pros of taking up another language from your post is encouraging me to think about doing it so thank you ♥
    Well done for learning French and Spanish!

    Luke |Luke Heywood Style

  2. namasteange says

    I did a semester of Japanese at university! It was super challenging but really rewarding when I could read new characters and understand sentences! This is a great, concise post 🙂

    • eviejayne says

      That’s amazing! Yeah it looks so difficult but it must be amazing once you begin to understand the characters. Thanks for reading ?

      • namasteange says

        Definitely! Learning Spanish would have been really interesting too. IMO it’s very pleasant to the ear!
        The cultural side of learning a new language is also fascinating as you’ve mentioned! So many positives haha 🙂

        • eviejayne says

          Yes! It’s such an amazing language as a whole, and I’m in love with Spanish culture! Haha I knoww, I hope more people feel inspired to learn languages, there are so many positive aspects than come with it ? x

  3. abbiejadewanders says

    COULD NOT AGREE WITH THIS MORE! It is so refreshing to read a post like this, I agree with everything you say. I mean I kind of have to as my BA & MA are in French & Spanish & Translation studies but yes to this post!

    • eviejayne says

      Ah thank you so much! That’s amazing! I just finished a translation module in uni and found it so interesting! Really hope more people realise the enjoyment of learning languages. Thanks so much for reading! X

  4. rebekahgillian says

    I love this post! I had a friend in college who was learning to speak Korean, and she was amazing at it, including writing it down. I was in such awe. Good luck if you decide to take up Japanese! I’ve also been learning Spanish in my spare time using Duolingo for the last three years and it’s amazing how much bigger the world gets once you know another language. I’m not fluent by any means, but what knowledge I do have is better than nothing!

    • eviejayne says

      Thank you! Ah so envious of her! Yay that’s amazing! Yess exactly, even by just having a basic knowledge of a language we can learn so much more about the world. I hope you continue to enjoy learning Spanish! Thanks for reading x

  5. Sophie Wentworth says

    I love this! I’m so ashamed of the fact I only speak English, I’m trying to learn more but it gets so much harder to find the time and stick to it as you get older. It’s funny, I was actually having this conversation the other day about how lazy I think we are in England with languages in general because we’re so fortunate that most of the world speaks English. Trying and failing to learn French right now, this has inspired me to work a little harder x


    • eviejayne says

      Thank you! Yeah it’s such a shame that more people aren’t learning languages, I feel like as a country we assume that everyone else can speak English – but if we can’t speak another language, why should we assume that everyone else can speak ours? That’s amazing! Good luck with your French – even 20 minutes a day is great! Glad that this has inspired you! X

    • eviejayne says

      Yes I’ve read this! Yet another reason why learning another language is so beneficial. The list goes on, I hope you feel inspired to start learning! Thanks for reading ?

  6. Fiona Whiley says

    I think that if you travel to a country you should try to learn a little bit of their language, even if it’s only a fee phrases. I’m learning Dutch and French at the moment – two languages which are at polar opposites in my opinion. I’m going to learn Spanish next!
    Good luck with your Japanese.

    • eviejayne says

      Yeah I agree! It makes your time in the country so much more worthwhile – and also shows more respect to the locals if you can speak some of their language. That’s amazing! Yeah haha they are quite different. Spanish is such a fun language to learn, hope you enjoy! Thank you! ?

  7. Rasya says

    I’m torn between learning Korean (to watch kdramas and variety show without subs lol) and Chinese (for their novels) but both of the languages are difficult especially their pronunciation.

    But I’m more lean towards korean as japanese (studied japanese in uni) and korean grammar is similar so wish me luck!

    x Rasya

    • eviejayne says

      Ah that’s amazing! How was it learning Japanese? Which ever one you choose will without a doubt be beneficial in terms of employment, travel and for your own enjoyment! Plus, who doesn’t love a challenge? Haha, thanks for reading and good luck with your learning ?

      • Rasya says

        It was hard at first but I get the advantage of learning Japanese in Japan so I guess that helps a lot in term of improving my fluency level.

        • eviejayne says

          Yeah it is a difficult language to learn, but well done for taking on the challenge! I can’t wait to start learning!

    • eviejayne says

      Thank you! Yes I couldn’t agree more! Hopefully more people realise how important they really are ? x

    • eviejayne says

      Ah thank you so much, lovely! So glad to have inspired you, hope you decide to start learning, it’s so worth it once you do! Thank you! xx

  8. Ellaine says

    Agree on your points! Some countries do not adjust and use the universal language (English) plus it’s really fun to learn new things. What more if it’s a new language. I keep a journal and have a dedicated pge where I jot down new words/language I learn from my friends or even just because I encounter it somewhere. Feels great to explore! Great post!!! 🙂

    Ellaine | In Betweens

    • eviejayne says

      That’s such a good idea! Yeah it’s so easy to incorporate language learning into your every day life. Hope you enjoy continuing to learn! Thanks for reading x

  9. Laura says

    I’m so glad that you love to learn different languages. I think it is soo important to at least know one language other than your native. So many English native speakers take it for granted since English is kinda the “universal/commercial” language. I’m Latina and we’re taught English at school but as you mentioned it always felt like a chore. It’s pretty cool that you chose Spanish as one of them, it will also help you to understand Portuguese they way it did with the Italian since they’re all very similar, at least written. Espero que te vaya increíble en Madrid, se que te encantará. ¡Buena suerte! ☺️

    Laura M –

    • eviejayne says

      I couldn’t agree more! A lot of people assume that people will speak English wherever they go, but that’s not always the case. Learning a language, even some of it, can be so beneficial. Jaja, ¡muchas gracias, estoy muy emocionada y gracias y gracias por leer! x

  10. Divinafashion says

    Loved this post! I just came back from my year abroad in Paris and Chile, I study modern languages at Warwick uni. I wrote more about it on my blog but I agree with all of the points you’ve made. I’d love to collab with you!

    • eviejayne says

      Ah how exciting, are you currently learning Spanish and French too then? I read a couple of posts on your blog and it looks as if you had such an amazing learning experience – yeah that would be great! Thanks for reading!

  11. lifeofshar says

    totally agree, learning a language is so amazing, I learned French in my first year of uni on the side aswell as my degree and I had to give it up because it was too much and hard, but I do want to keep practising, grammar is so hard sometimes though. Sometimes I translate my favourite song lyrics into French and sing them haha to practice, I want to learn Japanese too, do you recommend or do you think it will be hard because I am only fluent in English xx

    • eviejayne says

      French can be complicated due to the grammar but once you get the hang of it, it’s such a beautiful language to learn and speak! I’ve only just start Japanese and it’s not similar to any language I’ve learned so far. The writing system is difficult to memorise but it just takes time I guess! If you’re up for the challenge, I say go for it! X


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