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June Goals – Food, Fitness and Happiness

Annnd just like that another month has passed. How is it June already? I swear it was just last week when I was recovering from my post New-Years day dinner.

Anyhow, like every other student, for me the month of May was dominated by university exams and coursework, meaning my priorities were solely focused on revision and my academic goals. However, with exams over and summer just beginning, I want June to be the month where I put university work behind me and set myself some goals for the month ahead:

Eating consistently well and changing my mindset around food:

When I initially set out on eating healthier, I found myself restricting myself from the foods I love; this meant I wouldn’t go near a slice of pizza, would never allow myself ice cream and I wouldn’t even treat myself to a piece of chocolate. Yeah. Not fun. Buuut in reality, it’s okay to have a sweet tooth and having a pizza on a Friday evening isn’t going to hinder my progress. I would much rather enjoy my food rather than feel a pang of fear whenever someone even suggests ordering a takeaway.

As a result, this month I want to scrap labeling foods as ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ and continue building a mindful relationship with food. By eating consistently well 80% of the time, with whole foods and lots of veggies, I won’t feel restricted when indulging in them slightly more unhealthy options for the other 20%. At the moment, I’m eating chocolate pretty much every day (I will never not be a chocoholic), and this is helping me maintain a relatively unrestricted diet. This is especially important heading into summer: ice cream, BBQs, cocktails, etc, a girl needs to enjoy herself!

[Pictured above: Love Thy Neighbour, Liverpool – the best brunch]

Challenging myself in the gym and getting into a real routine:

It’s no lie that during the revision period, I pushed the gym to the side and it wasn’t a priority. While I continued to go on the odd morning run and did a few strength training sessions, my training wasn’t at all consistent.

Now I’m free from the stacks of library books and piles of cue cards, I want to focus on pushing myself in the gym and get back into a proper routine. SO, I’m aiming for 2-3 strength training sessions and 2-3 cardio/HIIT sessions a week. I’m currently following a 30-day workout programme created by Fitness Blender to help up my motivation and ensure I always walk into the gym with a plan. I’ve been following their at home workouts since last summer and I’m always left gasping for breath by the end of them. Their HIIT workouts are killers. Trust me.

If my energy is depleted, then I’ll take a rest day or two (something I also used to feel guilty about). It’s just as important to give yourself the rest you need and let your body recover. You’ll thank yourself for it. This month I’m focusing on upping my strength and increasing my general daily activity. I genuinely love working out and there’s nothing better than completing a sweaty workout, especially after lacking motivation just an hour before (waking up at 5:30am is never fun).

Read more:

I’m a self-confessed book-worm and now that uni’s over for summer, I have even more time to delve into some books that have been sat in my TBR list for months. I just love losing myself in a good book. My English degree kind of took away the joy I found in reading – there’s only so much Oscar Wilde a girl can read without going insane – but this month I want to get back into one of my all-time favourite hobbies.

I finally got around to reading ‘Me Before You’ (pictured above) and oh myyy, why it took me so long to read this I will never understand. Although my TBR list is as long as my arm, feel free to give me any more book suggestions!

Do more that brings me joy:

This one’s a bit broader but something I want to focus on all the same! I’m one of those people who needs to be busy at all times, and with university over, I won’t lie when I say I feel a bit lost. While I’ve found myself a summer job, outside of work I plan on taking advantage of my free time doing what I love; reading, listening to more podcasts (recently I’ve been loving Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place ), writing and baking. For me, being ‘healthy’ means more than just eating your five a day and exercising regularly, it means focusing on your well-being as well. It isn’t selfish to focus on your own happiness and it’s okay to say no every now and then. So, this month I’m going to do more of what I love, much-needed after endless hours sat at a library desk stressing over Spanish grammar.

While I could go on forever about what I wish to improve and focus on, these four points are what I intend on prioritising throughout June and hopefully, throughout the rest of the year. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I’d love to hear some of your June goals! What do you want to focus on this month?

Until the next post,

Evie x

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  1. Lex Lex

    I am 100% with you on the chocoholic thing. I can’t seem to go a day without eating it! Similarly, I am also trying to get better motivated with working out and minding what I eat. I love junk food and it’s so bad for you, but it tastes so good…the struggles are real.

    • eviejayne eviejayne

      Haha right? Yeah it definitely takes time, but it’s all about finding a good balance! We can keep on eating chocolate while being mindful about the other food we eat 💁

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